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Paolo Spacchetti graduated with honors   in 1982 from the University of Perugia’s Faculty of Law, where he defended his thesis, The Recognition of Insurrectionist Movements, with Prof. Giorgio Badiali.


In 1984 he attended the Academy of International Law in the Hague, where he completed the course on International Private Law.


After he became a prosecutor in 1986, and a lawyer in 1995 (and subsequently in 2002, qualified to defend at the Court of Cassation), he founded the Law Firm, in his own name, in 2000, in which he, with five other colleagues and two administrative managers, currently provides professional services and, in addition, is an expert in family mediation and conflict management, acting in an ‘of counsel’ capacity.


In addition to his professional commitment, Paolo Spacchetti combines his academic work of teaching International Trade Law, Arbitration Law and International Contracts at both the Faculty of Law at the University of Camerino and at Link University in Rome, as part of the I and II level Master’s programme , and training courses in legal subjects organized by trade associations.


His professional competence is also strengthened and kept up-to-date with other duties, such as, among many, being a member of the Commission on Law and International Trade Practices of the Chamber of International Commerce of Paris – Italy Section, a member of the Credimpex Legal Group (Association for the study of international payment forms) and collaboration with the chair of Commercial Law at the Faculty of Law of Camerino.


Since 2018, Studio Legale Spacchetti has been recognized at the Italian Embassy in Bejing as among those firms providing consultancy and assistance for Italian and Chinese companies operating in their respective commercial and financial markets.


For further information concerning the Firm, its other professional activities, publications and interventions, please refer to the curriculum vitae.


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